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Kahoot is a free game based learning platform, as educational technology. Launched in August 2013 from Norway. This game played by 50 million people in 180 countries. This game is fully based on Education. Join a learning game of kahoot – all you need is a game PIN from the host. Kahoot brings fun in the classroom play, learn, and unleash your secret classroom superpowers. This game is a free game-based learning platform that makes learning awesome. The best way to play Kahoot is in a group, like your classroom. Created for use in classrooms and other learning environments, This learning game is multiple-choice quizzes that can be created by anyone and are not restricted as to age level or subject matter.

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This app is designed as a game controller for learners to join a game. To create and host a kahoot,  you need to sing up at getkahoot.com. Many games are created as quizzes with multiple choice questions. Another type is a jumble game where you have to put answers in the correct orders. Kahoot game may be played using any device, desktop or laptop with a web browser. Kahoot is created for social learning, with learners gathered around a common screen. In a typical classroom environment, this will be a smart screen. Many kahoots are also played using screen sharing tools such as Skype, Appear.in, and Google Hangouts. When a kahoot is launched, it will have its own unique pin randomly generated by the system.

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Kahoot is an Android-based application designed for every game lovers on the planet. Is it a very exciting and intriguing mobile game that gets players across the globe glued to their screen all day. This game is perfect to turn your attention to when you are having a dull and boring road or air trip.When the game was developed first, it was engineered to be operated only on devices running Android operating system but over the years as the app gained awareness and popularity, demands for it to also run on other OS started pouring in and eventually the game was redesigned late last year to accommodate other operating systems such as; iOS, Windows, and Blackberry although the most popular operating system that the game is mostly used remain Android operating system. it is now time to familiarize ourselves with the cool features that we have incorporated into the tool to make generating and loading kahoot resources into your game profile easy as ABC. Have fun playing and learning.


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