Types of games available at IDN Poker

Types of games available at IDN Poker
Hi everyone, in this article we will explain the types
games that are on IDN Poker. For some people, maybe already familiar
with the name of this agent and already familiar with the game of Poker Gambling, and if you are
still confused and don’t know what IDN Poker is here we will
explain in detail so you can understand.
IDN Poker is an application that provides services to access
online poker game designed for smartphone or smartphone users
Players can play online poker games on sites or agents
Official and trusted gambling, not only on your IDN Poker site
find one kind of game but you will find types-
other types of games for you to play.
For those of you who want to know what the games are inside
Our IDN Poker site will explain clearly and concisely for you to get
understand what we will explain below:
Types of Games on IDN Poker
 Super 10
* This game has just been introduced by IDN Poker. This game
similar to the previous game, namely Domino QQ. however
This game is different from the domino game QQ which is the highest score
In this game, 10 must be drawn from a total of three cards
given / shared.
 Capsa Susun
* This game uses Playing Cards as a means of playing
which will take place, this is the first game to be IDN poker
provide which comes from mainland Asia this game is commonly called with the game Capsa Susun. This game every player get 13 cards and must be combined.

Mobile Ceme
* For this one game is actually almost the same as
ceme games in general, but if you choose regular ceme
Bandar or room to be played, but different from ceme
around in this game The dealer in this game rotates

 Ceme
* For the following types of games are other types of games that one
this is the player will find the bookie system. However Bandar
here is not the Bandar from the IDN Poker choice but the Bandar
is a player. Later the players are selected to become Bandar
is a player who has the most chips. For those of you who are interested
in this one game you can just play it on IDN
 Domino Qiu-Qiu
* For the next type of game is a game
popular.in this game you have to get a combination
numbers with the sum 9-9.
The way to play in this game is that players will be given 3
main card by the dealer and combine these cards with
see the value of the card, whether any of the three cards reach
9 from 2 cards and the 4th card will be dealt after you
following the next bet.
* For the next type of game is the Omaha game
arguably the second generation of Texas poker games
holdem, this game has exactly the same way of playing. That
distinguishes this game from the previous generation namely texas
holdem is in this game you will get cards and

the cards that will be distributed to you total 4 cards and
later on entering the first phase the player must make 2 of 4
the card. In this game the opportunity is to get
a good card will be determined by yourself.
 Poker
* Well and the last one is the game of Poker. This game is for sure
gamblers are familiar with because of this game
is the main game of an IDN Poker site. For games
this is the player will be dealt 2 cards at the beginning of the game and cards
will be opened by the Bandar so that we only combine
the deck of cards that are on the table and the game will continue when
all players are ready to take part in the next match.
So, all the articles that we have created, I hope this article can
useful for those of you who don’t know what the types are
games that are in IDN Poker. Thank you for your attention
the readers.

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